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Fresh off a stack of unmarked VHS tapes in your parents’ basement, the latest video Justine Dorsey and Kassie White of Precious Kid matches the band’s ’80s pop influence with washed-out imagery that fits somewhere between MTV and public access television—not to mention a brief cameo from an animate Laura Palmer. The whole thing would fit in just great at that nightclub in the first Terminator. (Technoir—it’s on Pico.)



New Wave revivalists Precious Kid, who revealed their sassy selves with two singles last year, return with a new single and video straight out of a 1980s time capsule — which ostensibly was in that capsule in a package marked “fun." ... The video seems right out of the MTV archives, and the single is a bouncy dance jam that’ll give your stylish retro boots a workout. If you’re not at least a little bit out of breath by the end, you’re not doing it right.



California’s Precious Kid wear their hearts on their sleeves - sassy (“|t’s not the question of whether I like you, it’s just the question of weather I feel like it” in ‘Dirty Disposition’), straight-talking (“I’m wasting so much time being jaded, but I don’t wanna be jaded” in ‘Jaded’), and sometimes scathing (“Was it worth the love song? Now you’re by your lonesome, baby” in ‘Was It Worth the Love Song’).

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